A International Hair Salon in Hawaii

to make you beautiful.

The quality of "AUBE hair", a salon with over 280 locations across Japan, is now available in Hawaii.
Using the latest equipment and techniques, we make the beauty you envision a reality.

About Us

This is a International beauty salon in the United States, brought to life by AUBE hair, which operates over 280 salons in Japan.
The stylists at our beauty salon are Japanese beauticians that have extensive experience working in Japan and are highly skilled. One of these beauticians will be appointed as the personal stylist for each customer. Customers can rely on their personal stylists for everything from the instant they set foot in our salon; from shampooing to cutting, dying, perming, and styling; from start to finish.


At AUBE beauty Hair, each customer is taken great care of by one stylist, beginning with your shampoo, to your cut, coloring, perms and finishing.
Here in Hawaii, please feel free to come to us for styles that may even seem impossible. AUBE beauty hair's highly qualified stylists are waiting for you.
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Menu & Fee

From coloring agents to equipment and chemicals used in treatments and perms, all materials used in our beauty salon are brought in directly from Japan. For those with sensitive hair or skin who do not react well to US treatments, or those with delicate orders that could not be accomplished in Hawaii until now, we ask that you freely consult with your stylist.

Hair Style

Here, you can see the various hairstyles in which our stylists excel. If you find a style that is to your liking, please consult freely with your stylist about it. We can be relied on to complete the most difficult of orders, including those that previously could not be realized in Hawaii.
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